Hiring your people

With “your people” we mean family members, relatives and friends, people that we know from the relationship that we have with them. When some people open a business they think that they have to hire “their people” and other times “their people interfere in the business, without even working there.

Business and family members

Some people decide to have a business with family members because it is easy and of course they are a family. A family business can be successful when the needs of every family member are met, when they listen to each other, understand each other and support each other to to achieve their own personalContinue reading “Business and family members”

When employees are supported from the business

When employees are supported from the business they do the best to help the business become more successful The feeling that people have in a business from knowing that employers recognise their work and give more opportunities employers support them and do not criticise or put them down they are paid on time This feelingContinue reading “When employees are supported from the business”

Business owners and employees

Business owners that care about the outcome of the business will choose employees that will help the business to be successful. These kind of business owners care about employees that work, they watch what they need to become better employees and always support them so the business can have more profits. Business owners that careContinue reading “Business owners and employees”