Over protection

over protection

Sometimes, over protection makes people weak because is based on fear and not in the knowledge of thyself

Sometimes when we are afraid that something bad will happen to us or to our family , relatives and friends we tend to be over protected or to over protect our people , so much that we can not even see if it is right or not , if this over protection will create other problems or we just will make us weaker.

Protection is a great power when it is combined with the knowledge of thyself , over protection has to make somebody weak so somebody else (or something else) can have the power to protect , to control your life in the name of power, love and caring for you and for your health.

Relationship problems

relationship problems

The majority of our relationship problems come from our ignorance

  • to protect ourself
  • to love ourself
  • to put boundaries
  • to follow our intuition, heart
  • to believe in our worth and
  • to own our life
  • If we do not protect ourself other people will harm us,
  • if we don’t love ourself we will be depressed,
  • if we do not put boundaries other people will use us,
  • if we do not follow our heart we will feel lost,
  • if we do not believe in our worth we will have low self esteem
  • and if we do not own our life we will not feel fulfilled.

So when we are unhappy with our relationships first of all we have to check if we have a great relationship with ourself , because if we do, we will not tolerate staying with negative people , and this is the first step for a better life.

Your brain is a power


When other people want to use you, they will try to make you think in a way that they want you to think , and in the end you will agree with them and you will want to do what they want you to do , but you think that you really want it !

Always remember : Your brain is a power, and is the first thing that some people want to attack so they can use you!

Health issues

health issues

Some people have health issues because they choose to stay with people that put them down, criticise them, underestimate them , use them and have a lots of fights with them . all these negative emotions make them sick , depressed and tired of life.

Do you remember situations that you understood that staying with negative people in your life made you with health issues?

Move away from people that do not love you


There are people that do not want you for who you really are 

Do not feel sad about this, do not lose your time to make them like you  

Just realise that you do not live for other people, leave them and move on 

Do not let them use you 

Make your life easier, move away from people that do not love you 

People in my life

One of the questions that will direct us in a road for a better life is understanding people that we have around us, and choosing to stay with people that they really love us and choose to invest in having a better relationship with us 

What is life all about? Having great people in our life , having meaningful relationships

Do I have people in my life that we want to have a better life 

Or they just want me to help them have a better life?

Manipulative employees

If employees can’t stay more than a year in your business and if there are people that they are stable in your business and they inform you that the new employee “is stupid again and make a lot of mistakes…”  they play a game with you …. Where they are the hero of the business and what they do is:

They do not give the right information to the new employees 

They let them make mistakes 

Sometimes they even make mistakes and blame them 

They make life of others employees difficult in the business so they will want to quit

and they come as heroes by telling you what is going wrong 

But the truth is that this is a manipulation when a business owner is paying someone to fool him/her, and all this situation is harming the business  and also is impacting others people’s life in a negative way by being unfair and manipulative with them, something that will return in a form of negative energy in business owners’ life 

Manipulative employees are people with low self esteem, they are afraid that other people are better than them, and they will try to make them leave from the business so they can be sure that no one can take their job, and all these ? because they do not want to work or learn skills to be better in the business, they just want to get paid and work less. This is why this kind of people invest in the relationship with the business owners and do not care about the business, everything about them is a theatre with a lot of drama, fear and manipulation