Business owners and employees

business owners and employees

Business owners that care about the outcome of the business will choose employees that will help the business to be successful. These kind of business owners care about employees that work, they watch what they need to become better employees and always support them so the business can have more profits.

Business owners that care more about their emotional needs will choose people that make them feel better. These kind of business owners care more about how to fill their emotional gaps, so according to their emotional needs they will support employees that make them feel powerful, smart, unique …….. , so anyone that is not feeding their emotional needs is not a good fit for the business.

Blaming others

Blaming others

When we are in difficult situations we start to blame other people and we do not want to do something to move from this situation we want to stay there and become a victim, for a lot of reasons that we have to question our self

Always remember : Blaming others will not make you a better person, you will just justify why you choose to stay in the same problematic situation

Self love

self love

We are all a unique existence , we are smart , we are strong , when we believe the opposite of that we think that other people are better than us and we follow them, we give our time to them and in the end we are not happy , but is not their fault is our choice to have this mindset and to act according to this mindset.

When we let other people use us is not because we are weak and they are stronger is because we have not self love

Over protection

over protection

Sometimes, over protection makes people weak because is based on fear and not in the knowledge of thyself

Sometimes when we are afraid that something bad will happen to us or to our family , relatives and friends we tend to be over protected or to over protect our people , so much that we can not even see if it is right or not , if this over protection will create other problems or we just will make us weaker.

Protection is a great power when it is combined with the knowledge of thyself , over protection has to make somebody weak so somebody else (or something else) can have the power to protect , to control your life in the name of power, love and caring for you and for your health.

Relationship problems

relationship problems

The majority of our relationship problems come from our ignorance

  • to protect ourself
  • to love ourself
  • to put boundaries
  • to follow our intuition, heart
  • to believe in our worth and
  • to own our life
  • If we do not protect ourself other people will harm us,
  • if we don’t love ourself we will be depressed,
  • if we do not put boundaries other people will use us,
  • if we do not follow our heart we will feel lost,
  • if we do not believe in our worth we will have low self esteem
  • and if we do not own our life we will not feel fulfilled.

So when we are unhappy with our relationships first of all we have to check if we have a great relationship with ourself , because if we do, we will not tolerate staying with negative people , and this is the first step for a better life.