About me

Welcome to my website, my name is Besjana and it is my purpose to assist people that want to find balance in spirit, body, mind and soul 

When children come into this world, one of the things we assist them with is learning how to walk. We provide support, and they observe us walking, attempting to do so repeatedly.
We simply create a nurturing space for them to be themselves, as they instinctively sense the potential to walk resides within.

All they need is to trust themselves.

And one day, walking becomes an integral part of their lives.

This is what I do.

* I create a safe space for you to embrace the inherent beauty of who you are.
* I help you explore and understand yourself better.
I encourage you to accept and thrive in the knowledge that you are an extraordinary human being.

With spiritual healing and reiki we can:
* Balance energy in the body
* Release trapped emotions and thought forms
* Reverse-engineer life experience ( be aware of your behaviour)

How do we work

* We utilize the power of our imagination and mind.
* We work with intuition & body energy
* We observe life experiences, recognizing life patterns and becoming aware of limiting beliefs that hold us back.

I have certification (C), Diploma (D)

Reiki (C), ( Reiki Science Academy) – UK
Spiritual Healer (C). ( School of Mystical Arts )  – USA
Accounting (D) TEI of Chalkida – Greece