Nature is our home

Nature is our home

There are towns that are amazing, there is nature everywhere, because they choose to built in nature and not to destroy nature so they can build

But some others towns are not like that, they choose to destroy nature so more buildings and roads can be built.

Now let’s see what can we do if we live in a town like this:

  • Going in a park or on the beach is the best that we can do for our self, if we have time we can go every day
  • If we have a backyard we can plant trees, vegetables, fruits and flowers
  • we can have flowers in our house

Nature helps us to have a balanced energy if we want it, it means that our focus must be on us: how to be stronger, better and healthier. we have to think about us and not about other people “what this person did to me and now I am suffering so much” to stay in a victim mentality or “I want something bad to happen to them” to focus on other people.

In few words when we don’t focus on us and how to become better, it means that we give our energy away or we use our energy in a negative way, with the outcome our energy not to be balanced in the body, then a lot of cells since they don’t have energy start to under perform.

Always remember that:

We are a part of earth, we live in the energy of earth. Every distance that we create between us and earth, block our energy and some cells start to under perform

What do you think that we can do to have nature in our life?

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