Hiring your people

Hiring your people

With “your people” we mean family members, relatives and friends, people that we know from the relationship that we have with them.

When some people open a business they think that they have to hire “their people” and other times “their people interfere in the business, without even working there.

Let’s see now some examples

  • having a store and hiring your family members or your friends to work there
  • having a warehouse and hiring friends of friends working there
  • having an office and hiring your children to work there

Sometimes, this is really wonderful because there are people that really care about you and your business and they will do their best to help you, but this is not what always happens.

And now let’s see what usually happens in the business:

“Your people”

  • can behave like Gods in the business, they think that they have the right to do whatever they want with the business and the people that work there
  • they can take money whenever they want
  • they can take products without informing the system
  • they can behave to other people on a bad way
  • they can blame other people for their mistakes
  • they can steal and blame other people
  • they want to hire also “their people”
  • and of course they don’t need to study, to learn something, so they can help the business, they are so sure that they have the job that they don’t even need to learn something about the job or about this business.

In the end before you even understand it, you have a business full of people that they are using your business for their needs without even trying to meet the needs through helping the business to become successful, and of course in the beginning is very difficult to understand it, because you think that your people want always the best for you, that they will help you and that they care about you,

But the truth is that they know you, they will make the best memories with you, they will remind you how great they are, how they care about you, how they saved you from dangerous employees in your business and how they help you with the business, they will boost up your ego, and of course invest in your system beliefs about “your people”

And always remember that:

The purpose of hiring “your people” is not about becoming the king of the jungle, but is about having a successful business, so don’t get stuck in the beliefs of “my people” and open your eyes.

Otherwise, you will have the same lessons but with different people, until you learn that the belief of your people is not the truth of life but is just a belief that is holding you back from who you want to be.

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