Business and family members

Business and family members

Some people decide to have a business with family members because it is easy and of course they are a family.

A family business can be successful when the needs of every family member are met, when they listen to each other, understand each other and support each other to to achieve their own personal goals

But not all families are like this,when family members tend to ignore each others needs and they do not support each others or even worse ,they put down each other, then in an environment of a business this behaviours will end up in a lot of arguments and fights, and their relationship will become worse and worse until they refuse to be blind and see the real problem.

And always remember this

A business is just an environment that gives us the opportunity to work with each other as a team, to understand each other, to learn more about our self, and to work on our weaknesses and moving on, whatever happens in life.

In more families what happens is that they don’t feel each other, they don’t understand each other, they don’t trust each other, they think that they should be together because they are a family, without knowing what a family is…. a place to express yourself, to feel safe and to be the best self of who you really are.

So, now we can understand that: a family business can be successful only when family members also can go towards their personal goals.

In few words, now we understand that to have a successful business, first of all we have to work with our system beliefs and our emotions, what is preventing us from being successful and what is creating relationship problems with the people that we have around us. If we work with this, then we can see what is happening in our life and why is happening. Then we can solve our problems, so we can make a successful business not only for some years but also for the next generation.

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