Cleanliness in our life

Cleanliness in our life

When we want to have a clean body, a clean house, a clean environment to live in a clean country, it means that first of all we have self love and self acceptance, it means that we acknowledge the existence of everything and we want to see the best part of it , it is our choice to see in this way and is 100% for free.

This is why we see people that they have low self esteem, not self love, they are depressed that they tend to ignore cleanliness in their life, they don’t take care of their body and of course the environment that they are in.

We can see this with people that they are drunk or they take drugs, that at this moment they don’t care about their body or the environment that they are in. This is the phase when they take out all the emotions and beliefs that they have about themselves and the environment that they are in.

Just have in mind that: cleanliness has to do with the beliefs that we have about ourselves and the absence of it has to do with the absence of self love.

And the best part of it is that cleanliness helps us to have a better health and a better mental health, when we have a clean body, a clean house and a clean environment it means that our body doesn’t put energy in protecting us from things that can destroy our health, but we can put this energy in doing things that:

  • we like and love,
  • in creating things,
  • in talking and being with other people,
  • in admiring everything that we have around us,
  • think things in a positive way
  • and to live as possible as we can the best that we can from this life, and this is only just from the amount that is left for every person, for us to live here on earth,

So, it helps us in this journey to move on and to go towards our goals and have a more meaningful life

So, if we don’t feel good, or we don’t have energy or we feel a little bit down is a good idea just to have a bath, to clean the house, to go in the nature, so we can recharge our batteries and be strong again, this helps a lot.

Cleanliness is a part of our life, but some people are not taught about it, they don’t understand it, and they don’t understand how it affects our life and our health.

Just think of this:

In every pandemic disease we had to be clean in order to survive it, so cleanliness is a part of our life and not something that we have to do it only when our life is in danger

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