Missing price tags in stores

Price tags in stores

Price tags are very important, but we still see stores that they don’t have price tags in all the products. Let’s see why? Because some people believe that:

  1. Price tags are not important
  2. If somebody wants to buy something they don’t care about the price
  3. They remember everything and they never make mistakes, even worse they have the best employee that remembers everything and never makes mistakes
  4. They can sell the same products in different prices, so they can make more profits
  5. They believe that in this way they can have better relationship with clients, since they start to ask about the price of the product and they can start to talk with each other
  6. This is what they know and this is what they do, there is no other option
  7. They believe that clients will be shy to return the product back when they pay and they see that this product is more expensive

In few words they believe that they have control of everything in the store and that in this way they are making more money, but the opposite is happening. Now let’s see what exactly is happening:

  1. They have no control of numbers of products and money
  2. They are fooling themselves to believe that they know everything and that they never make mistakes. Even worse when they think that they have the best employees that they also remember all the prices
  3. Anyone can steal them in this way, since they don’t know what they have and what they are doing.
  4. They lose a lot of time answering every time to the question about the price that clients ask, different clients can ask of course for the same product.
  5. They can become rude with clients when they have a lot of work to do and also they have to answer to the questions about the prices

So, if we see that in a store there are a lot of missing price tags in the products and is always like that, is not because they didn’t had the time to put the prices, or because they will do it later or because some price tags fall down, but they always are like that, we can understand that this is the mindset of the people that work there, then we can understand that first of all these people don’t respect other people, they do not respect clients; that clients should know what they buy.

What they think is only how they can make money of it. And this is all. They are thinking about themselves and how they can make money and that other people should give them money. This is their mindset.

And, in this way we can understand that people in this stores are a little bit more takers. They want everything for themselves and they don’t think about other people. What usually happen with them is that they blame everyone else about their problems in their life. So, if they have no profits in the store they will blame the employees, they will blame clients, they will blame the government for not supporting them.

And, the future of this business goes like that: if they are the only one a place like in a town or a village, people have no other choice, they will buy from them, but if they have other stores around them and better than them, people will choose the other stores, so they start to lose profits.

Always remember that:

Price tags build trust between clients and the business. Clients have control 100% of their money, and this make them to trust the business more and buy more from it.

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