Pregnant woman and baby

Pregnant woman and baby

The negative energy around a pregnant woman that is created from fear, thoughts and conversations if she should keep the baby is transferred to a baby as a feeling of the unloved and unwanted, it means these children will have low self esteem, later this children will filter every situation from this mindset , and a lot of life lessons will happen in their life so they can learn that are not alone, they are loved and unique .

This is why it is so important for parents to understand this behaviour , why these children perceive some behaviours in a different way , and to make clear to them that they are loved, to work with their self esteem so they can own their life later, to make strong emotionally people.

A woman can have negative thoughts or fears in pregnancy when

  • She feels alone
  • she is living with negative people that create problems for her
  • having problems with the father of the child
  • having health issues , ex. doctors telling her that she should not keep the baby
  • financial problems, surviving fears ….
  • psychological problems, low self esteem …..
  • ……………….

This emotions are transferred to children, and are always activated , triggered every time that something happens and make them feel unloved for example,

  • if they have a little sibling and mother say “give the toy to your little brother” , they will translate it that they are unloved ,
  • if at school somebody don’t play with them , they think that they are not important
  • in relationship when somebody criticise them, use them, they will think that they have the right to be treated bad because no one would love them

And in this way they always end up in problematic relationships, so they can learn that they are unique and they do not need the approval of others, so they can learn themselves , their emotions and what is happening to them ….. so they can own their life .

Once they learn this lesson everything around them will change , better people will come in their life, but if they do not learn this lesson, they choose to become victims and live again and again the same problematic situations but with different people.

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