Relationship problems

relationship problems

The majority of our relationship problems come from our ignorance

  • to protect ourself
  • to love ourself
  • to put boundaries
  • to follow our intuition, heart
  • to believe in our worth and
  • to own our life
  • If we do not protect ourself other people will harm us,
  • if we don’t love ourself we will be depressed,
  • if we do not put boundaries other people will use us,
  • if we do not follow our heart we will feel lost,
  • if we do not believe in our worth we will have low self esteem
  • and if we do not own our life we will not feel fulfilled.

So when we are unhappy with our relationships first of all we have to check if we have a great relationship with ourself , because if we do, we will not tolerate staying with negative people , and this is the first step for a better life.

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